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Our Philosophy

Embracing Holistic Dispute Resolution

At the International Dispute Resolution Institute (IDRI), we believe that effective dispute resolution goes beyond legal processes. It encompasses a holistic approach that fosters understanding, collaboration, and sustainable solutions.

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Guiding Principles in Dispute Resolution

Our approach to dispute resolution is founded upon the principles of dialogue, mediation, and empowerment. We prioritize constructive engagement, fostering an environment where all parties are encouraged to express their perspectives openly and respectfully. Through mediation, we facilitate productive discussions aimed at finding mutually beneficial solutions. Empowerment lies at the heart of our approach, as we strive to equip individuals and organizations with the tools and confidence to resolve conflicts independently. Our ultimate goal is to achieve win-win outcomes that promote long-term harmony and stability within communities and organizations.

Our Objectives

Our objectives are not just ambitions, they are our guiding principles
Establishing Excellence

We are an institute that transcends boundaries, and is dedicated to the art/science of arbitration, ADR, peace and conflict management. Through innovative research and educational initiatives, we have become a beacon to the rest of Arbitration And ADR world, the general public and all interested in a peaceful world.

Promoting Sustainable Practices

IDRI is more than just a dispute resolution hub; we exist to study, promote, and administer purposeful procedures for resolving disputes of all kinds. Our focus on cooperation extends to international bodies like the United Nations, fostering growth in arbitration, mediation, negotiation, and global peace initiatives.

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We Receive The Best Client’s Review

IDRI is one of the best institutes abroad and in Nigeria with excellence in their training programmes.

Justice Ngozi Emehelu
Chief Judge, Enugu State High Court

Very knowledgeable and they impart knowledge seamlessly and in a simple manner that non-lawyers can easily follow and learn.

Mr. Hassan Bello
Fmr Executive Secretary/CEO, Nigerians Shippers' Council

The speakers for this training are world class and very knowledgeable. Their delivery was also very satisfactory.

Muhammad Sani Muhammad
Commission Secretary/Legal Adviser, National Pensions Commission

The learning process had meaningful interactions and the speakers were wonderful and articulate.

Justice Ahmad O. Belgore
Hon. Justice, Court of Appeal of Nigeria

I totally enjoyed the training programme and leaving better informed. This programme is of Harvard standard.

Lady Azuka Azinge
Fmr. Registrar-General, Corporate Affairs Commission

About us

International Dispute Resolution Institute [IDRI], your gateway to a world of excellence in dispute resolution, peace, and global justice.