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Capacity-building programmes from introductory to more advanced levels. These programmes include periodic professional and academic trainings, conferences, seminars, workshops, colloquia, etc, for the promotion of an in-depth study and development of arbitration, ADR, general dispute resolutions, etc, with the aim of providing members and the interested general public current information on contemporary developments in the theory and practice of arbitration, ADR, peace & conflict management, reconciliation techniques and related subjects.


Arbitration and ADR Services; participation in the development of arbitration & ADR, peace & conflict management and general dispute resolution with inter-governmental and other bodies on matters relating to domestic or international trade, economics, commerce, industry and other fields, especially in emerging markets/developing economies.


Appointment of  Arbitrators, Mediators and Negotiators.  We provide information for the qualification of applicants for admission into membership of the IDRI, conduct of examinations, interviews and grant of memberships to qualified applicants to the IDRI.


Establishment of Arbitration & ADR centers for government and non-governmental organisations, professional bodies, private and public institutions whether local or national or international, etc. We provide services as an appointing centre for clients who require the services of arbitrators & ADR practitioners, peace & conflict managers, general dispute resolvers, etc.


Rendering of registry services to Arbitration, Mediation and Negotiation cases. We maintain a register of qualified and competent arbitrators and ADR practitioners, peace & conflict resolvers, general dispute resolution managers, etc, who may be recommended or appointed to render services to both the public and private sectors locally, nationally and internationally.


International connection with mega ADR institutes worldwide. We provide facilities for engaging in innovative research into arbitration, ADR, peace & conflict management, general dispute resolution, and reconciliation studies with the aim of breaking new grounds and making known the results of such studies by publications and discussions.


Publication of journals, papers, periodicals and other literature on all matters concerning arbitration, ADR, peace & conflict management, general dispute resolution, etc, and ensuring global dissemination of these materials. We maintain a standard library rich in works on arbitration & ADR, peace & conflict management, general dispute resolution, reconciliation, etc.
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