IDRI Membership

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IDRI Membership


Membership is based on the IDRI’s prescribed qualifications and cognate experience. All applicants must also possess the acceptable standard of general education as may be prescribed by IDRI from time to time, as well as be persons of good morals and integrity. Application is made in writing and submitted to the Institute along with the following documents:

Photocopy of other qualifications [Originals to be sighted]

Certificate[s] of attendance of Arbitration & ADR In Africa Workshops or any other high level and/or comparable workshop, or seminar, or conference, etc. [Originals to be sighted]
2 recent passport photographs
Referee report of integrity from a member of the IDRI [of the rank of Fellow or Member] or from a member not below the rank of Fellow or Member of any other acceptable and internationally recognized arbitration & ADR institute, or from a person employed in a nation’s civil/public service or international organisation, not below the rank of a Director/ Head of Department.

All applications are reviewed by the Admission/Membership Committee and recommended to the Governing Council for approval or declination. IDRI cannot be called upon by any law court or tribunal, etc, to give reasons for the exercise of its discretion to approve or decline an application for membership or any other power exercisable by her. The Governing Council may on recommendation by the Admission/Membership Committee vary the qualifications for membership of the IDRI without any notice to applicants or the general public.


New applicants would be enjoined to undergo the intensive programme [depending on the intended area of specialization such as arbitration or mediation or general ADR] organized by the International Dispute Resolution Institute or Arbitration & ADR In Africa, or any other recognised and acceptable institution. The programmes are classified according to the grades of membership.

The training programme is concluded with an examination which may include “viva voce” and successful applicants are granted memberships and qualify as accredited arbitrators, or mediators, or ADR practitioners, depending on their specialization.


Note : That the fees are as currently stated above. However, these fees are subject to change from time to time without any prior notice to members or applicants. Payment of membership fee is due on the 1st of January of every year. Failure and/or refusal to pay for annual fees for one year will lead to a suspension of membership including the entire rights and privileges of membership. Where no annual fees are paid for two years, the member’s name would be struck off the membership register. To be re-admitted he/she must re-apply and meet the conditions set by IDRI including paying all arrears and penalties.


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