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About Us

IDRI proffers solutions to the global demand for Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation and other ADR processes in resolving disputes in both domestic and international businesses, public sector conflicts quasi-criminal matters. IDRI operates an open-door policy in its membership.

IDRI’s principal objectives are, inter-alia:

To establish and maintain a body or an institute for persons and organisations concerned with and interested in the art of arbitration, alternative dispute resolution [ADR], peace & conflict management, and general dispute resolution mechanisms, as a means of settlement of disputes whether local, national or international and to promote the development and sustenance of arbitration & ADR culture and practice, peace & conflict management practice, global justice & peace programme and general dispute resolution practice.

To establish and maintain an institute for the benefit and education of the general public and interested parties and study and carry out purposeful innovative research, promote, establish, and administer procedures for resolving disputes of all kinds.

12+ Years Experience

To cooperate and work with the United Nations and its agencies, the national, regional and continental bodies and their agencies, particularly those involved in and/or interested in the development, growth and sustenance of arbitration, mediation, conciliation, negotiation, peace and conflict management, world peace and justice, and general dispute resolution mechanisms.

Our Vision

Maintaining a first-class status as a global dispute resolution institute.

Our Mission

To create opportunities to ensure that a large pool of dispute resolution practitioners acquire excellent international standard practice and are given the platform to utilize their skills to the improvement of lives of people as well as organizations while maintaining the highest ethical standards and global best practices.

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